International Federation of Butterfly Enthusiasts

May 11, 2015

I F B E Members Registered in 40 Nations

The International Federation of Butterfly Enthusiasts (IFBE), a Washington State (USA) corporation, is a free membership organization with members throughout the world. The IFBE is the world's first global organization dedicated to increasing butterfly habitat! In 1997 the IFBE distributed nearly 1,000,000 butterfly host sources throughout the United States. (At this time, we are not able to distribute plants outside the US.) However, with help from members we are set to distribute over 10,000,000 plants in 1998.

We welcome you as an active participator in increasing butterfly habitat in your area by planting indigenous (native) species. Membership in IFBE is open to all who share our purpose, without regard to race, religion, gender, intellect, political views, or economic status.

Founder: The Butterfly Guy - Hans Schnauber, a.k.a., "The Butterfly Guy" is available for seminars, radio and television interviews, and a limited number of corporate events.

Board of Directors: Cliff Keeslar, Horace Johnson, John Schnauber.

Advisory Board: Bobby Gendron, David Bohlken, Harry Pavulaan, Kraig Anderson, Marc Schenk, Paul Cherubini, Rick Mikula

Throughout history, the butterfly has been considered the sign for freedom and transformation. Butterflies around the world have always astounded those involved in the mythological, religious, or scientific communities. Even today, modern researchers see the butterfly as the ambassador to the insect world. Member's of the federation believe that the butterfly is a visible sign in the natural world to the possibility existing for all of us to attain a higher level of wisdom and understanding!

International Hand Symbol:

We offer you the Butterfly Wave. (The Butterfly Wave is the world symbol for peace for the 21st century.) Starting from the left side of your chest, with your thumbs locking, lay your left palm over your right hand. As you move your hands from left to right, move your fingers as a butterfly would do if floating through the air.

The butterfly on the IFBE logo refers to the Fender's blue (icaricia icarioides fenderi.) This species is a living example of the opportunity we have in unifying people together for the purpose of building long-term friendships between man and nature. For more information on the Fender's blue click here.

In this age of insecticides, rarely are helpless species ever given a second chance, once they are thought to be extinct. In 1937, it was thought that the beautiful Fender's blue became extinct due to the destruction of necessary habitat. However, in 1989, Dr. Paul Hammon rediscovered the Fender's blue in Willamette Valley, Oregon, USA. Even after the desolation of this butterfly's habitat, the fender's blue has not only shown itself as a survivor, but a victor as well. The host plant for the Fender's blue is Kencaid's lupine (Lupinus sulphureus kincaidii).

In our life we are seldom given the opportunity to become a participator in the solution, rather than just a spectator to the problem. By becoming a member of the International Federation of Butterfly Enthusiasts, you agree to become actively involved in educating others on the necessity of increasing butterfly habitat. As The Butterfly Guy says: "If we have no butterflies, we have no bees. If we have no bees, we have no kiwi's..."

If you would like to actively participate in this world-wide endeavor, and become part of butterfly habitat conservation in either your neighborhood, classroom, organization, or corporation, we would like to extend our hand of friendship to you. Basic IFBE membership is FREE to anyone who has an email address. Periodic news letters are also sent FREE to registered email subscribers.